The works of Chen Zhi in Cambodia

Prince Group Chairman Chen Zhi is a Cambodian business magnate. He has spent the last four years in Cambodia, primarily in the fields of income, sports, and philanthropy. In the public domain, however, little is known about him. The Prince Group is the name of his company. Cambodian society will evolve as a result of his enormous efforts to aid development.

Thanks to Chen Zhi's tireless efforts, Prince Group has grown to become one of Cambodia's largest conglomerate companies. Since the 2010s, Prince Group Chairman Chen Zhi has met with Prime Minister Hun Sen and launched a number of projects. One of Chen Zhi's Cambodian venture is The Prince Real Estate. This Prince Real Estate company has oversaw the construction of a number of projects in Cambodia's two most populous cities, Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh. The businesses occupied a total of one million square metres.

Chen Zhi has spearheaded many projects in Cambodia and they include the Prince Plaza Center, the Prince City Center, the Prince Modern Plaza, and the Prince IT Building. Despite the fact that they are still under construction, many of these projects are nearing completion.

The portfolio also includes Prince Bank, Cambodia Airways, Belt Road Capital Management, Awesome Global Investment Group, Canopy Sands Growth, and Prince Supermarket. He is usually interested in investing in businesses that have the potential to be successful in the long run. All of the projects in which Prince Group Chairman is interested would help the Cambodian economy grow. 

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In addition to his business activities, he is an active philanthropist. Chen Zhi pledged a $3 million donation last year to assist Cambodia in purchasing 1 million COVID-19 vaccines. He also assisted Cambodians who had been displaced as a result of heavy flooding. Chen Zhi also helped in skills development of Cambodians. He is said to have made a substantial donation to establish the Prince Horology Vocational Training Center based on his personal interest. For Cambodian students interested in studying the luxury fine art of watchmaking, this educational institution offers a variety of full and partial scholarship placements.

Volleyball appears to be a popular sport in Cambodia. Neak Oknha Chen Zhi and the Prince Group have pledged their support for the Cambodian national volleyball team, which will compete in the Southeast Asian Games in 2023. The Prince Group donated $500,000 to the Cambodia Volleyball Federation and paid for a two-month training programme for 21 Cambodian volleyball players in Fujian, China. They then hired a volleyball coach to help the team grow. Volleyball is not a popular sport in Cambodia, but the country does not often win in team sports, so a bronze medal would be appreciated.

We know Prince Group Chairman Chen Zhi prefers to keep his work private. A significant amount of work appears to be done on the ground and in the workplace. The Prince Charitable Foundation, according to sources, is where the Prince Group spends the majority of its time when it is not involved in banking, aviation, real estate development, or retail. They've quietly launched over 240 fundraising activities in the last ten years.